Work at Eureva

You are an engineer qualified and effective? Your profile interests us! Above all, Eureva seeks passionate employees. Passion for the areas of innovation and software and, for a job well done.
At Eureva, we believe that quality work can be done by people motivated by their mission. The required tasks can be particularly difficult, so only employees who have a real attraction to innovation and the software industry can flourish in our young and dynamic company. 

In Eureva, you will have the opportunity to express your talent and creativity, in ambitious projects in collaboration with our major customers and our scientific partners.
This creativity, to be workable and useful should not exist at the expense of rigor. The software market is highly competitive and Eureva continues to grow by focusing on the strength of the work done every day. 

If our project meets your expectations and you are in line with our corporate philosophy, the definition and design of software solutions, collaboration on research and development dedicated to multimedia, 3D and mobility are all areas where you have the opportunity to work with us.


Join us !

Joining Eureva is a unique opportunity for talented and experienced professionals to leverage their expertise on highly innovative projects. 

Eureva currently offers :

If you are interested in learning more about our careers and advisor opportunities, please send us a mail at  with a cover letter and curriculum.