Architecture d'entreprise 

Our consultants assist you on projects carrying the following issues: 

  • Technology strategy 
  • Service-oriented architecture (development of complex systems conform with web standards, introduction of bus services, ...) 
  • Cloud computing (implementation of cloud computing solutions using external or internal resources) 
  • Lifecycle applications management, especially through the implementation of methods of project organization (e.g. SCRUM) and development management methodologies (Behaviour Driven Development, Domain Driven Development)  

Eureva teams also assist you in managing software projects and realization of prototypes that may help you making a technology choice or validate an architecture.
Our consultants are specialists of application architecture problems related to parallelism, scalability, integration of Microsoft technologies and new approaches to databases (NoSQL...). 









In a few words ...

Mobile development

   iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 


   Azure, SharePoint, ASP.Net MVC... 


   MongoDB, RavenDB, Redis 

Entreprise architecture

Cloud Computing, SOA