Our Company

Eureva is a consulting firm specializing in technology management and innovation software and offers its expertise on :

  • Infrastructure virtualization  
  • Video Streaming 
  • Multi-device and multi-screen architectures   

Eureva was born from a simple observation : companies have not always the tools to develop an innovative strategy, essential to be and remain competitive. Our mission is to help our clients to define or refine their strategies for innovation in a increasingly competitive environment.

Eureva has developed Swiich Cloud Gaming Platform : 

Swiich is a cloud gaming platform that allows end-users to play their video games on any device with unique and differentiating customer experience features.

Discover Swiich…

In today's economic environment, innovation is a major means of acquiring a competitive advantage. When the software is at the center of this innovative approach, Eureva helps you to define a strategy and structure a portfolio of initiatives to ensure lasting value and long-term performance.

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