System consultant and Windows infrastructure 



In the context of our international or national projects, you implement practical solutions using state-of-the-art technologies in a real industrial process.
Fond of technology, very independent, your mission focuses on the quality of your achievements and you can handle a project from start to finish. Curious and dynamic, you appreciate being able to develop wide range of skills, particularly in the area of servers, thin-client desktops and infrastructure virtualisation. You can communicate your passion and expertise with technical and nontechnical audiences. 

You will responsible for: 

  • Achieving entrusted missions, independently and with an excellent level of satisfaction
  • Developing a panel of very broad technical expertise across multiple projects and capitalize this expertise within Eureva
  • Supporting written and oral communication required for pre-sales, implementation and conduct of projects in English and French
  • Attending and participating in the construction of complex projects
  • Meeting our customers, partners and understand their needs

In addition, you can seize opportunities for the society development to support its growth.



Graduated from high school, you have at least five years experience in software industry or services.
You have a solid understanding of Windows infrastructure and you master several of the following technologies: 

  • Infrastructure server and workstation
  • OS Windows and Linux
  • Citrix virtualization offerings, VMware, Xen, Red Hat, Sun…

Join us !

Joining Eureva is a unique opportunity for talented and experienced professionals to leverage their expertise on highly innovative projects. 

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